Get qualified for SA’s most in-demand jobs in six months

Johannesburg, 26 September 2019; Savvy businesses understand that to remain competitive in this digital era, they need to be innovative, drive operational efficiency, and offer the best customer experience. And because consumers are growing increasingly dependent on their mobile devices for personal and business use, this means offering them the apps they want. Experts across the board have predicted that the demand for […]

Sustaining the growth of Audio-Visual Integration in South Africa

Technology touches almost every aspect of today’s world. It has changed the way we live our daily lives, the way we conduct business, and the way we communicate. However, many people are unaware that audio-visual integration (AVI) plays a major role in modern communication too, from the smallest meeting rooms and corporate boardrooms to the […]

Tshego Announced as South Africa’s ‘Deezer NEXT’ Act

Hip Hop breakthrough artist Tshego to receive 12 months of dedicated support from Deezer   Deezer’s NEXT 2019 program includes emerging local talent from Latin America, France, Germany, Brazil, UK and Netherlands Current Deezer NEXT 2019 artists have already experienced 282% stream increase since the program began  New dedicated Deezer NEXT Channel hosts exclusive content from line-up  […]

Tips for launching your Coffee Shop Dream

With the job scarcity on the rise, more South Africans are pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities as a means to earning income. Starting your own business not only gives you financial independence, but it also allows you to create much needed job opportunities. With South Africa’s coffee culture growing at an exponential rate, aspiring entrepreneurs should capitalise […]


·  . Company reveals new website to champion a user-centric payment system · Premium subscribers can use tool to see how their subscription payments would support the artists they love  Johannesburg, 11 September 2019: Deezer, the global music streaming service, has launched a new online initiative to help music fans understand how a user-centric system for music […]

The top reasons for pursuing a career in ICT

September 9th; Today’s world is a digital one, where technology touches every aspect of our business and personal lives. Information has become the currency of the new economy, and businesses are scrambling to find the digital skills they need to survive. This alone is making a career in ICT a compelling option for many school leavers, […]

Deezer Honours South African Sounds for National Heritage Month

New dedicated channel ‘Celebrate Heritage Month’ pays tribute to SA’s most loved music from the last three decades. JOHANNESBURG – September 9th, 2019: In honour of Heritage Month, Deezer, the world’s most personal music streaming service is launching a special dedicated channel to celebrate the sounds that have defined South Africa from the past to the present. […]