Deezer develops AI detection tool for explicit song lyrics

30 April 2020; Deezer’s team published a new article around a new AI system using Spleeter, our source separation tool. We were able to build a Keyword Spotting System that uses Spleeter to detect uttered explicit keywords from singing voices. This is the first ever attempt to create an explicit content detector purely based on […]

Why Managed Services in AV?

Many businesses might have an IT department but only very few have a dedicated AV (Audio Visual) resource available onsite. In most cases, the IT department becomes responsible for all the “technology”, be it dedicated IT related items or AV equipment. IT professionals are generally not well versed in AV and therefore tend to shy […]

Book your free virtual seat to the 2020 Coworking Symposium happening in May

(Johannesburg SA, 29 April 2020) May 27th 2020, sees an exciting admission-free event hitting the digital airwaves. The Coworking Symposium will be hosted by an impressive speaker line-up. Originally in the form of a half day conference in Prague, this gathering has now been pivoted to be a purely digital assembly, in light of the […]

Business resilience is about being prepared

With the COVID-19 pandemic declared a national state of disaster, now more than ever, digital transformation is on the forefront for businesses across the board. The month long quarantine and social distancing has forced businesses in all industries and of all sizes to adopt new models of engagement with employees, customers, suppliers and partners.  “Businesses […]

What are the most common ways water is wasted?

South Africa’s lopsided water supply prompts it to focus on reducing water wastage. Modern technology can help reduce wastage, but it also requires fundamental operational changes. Some of the common ways water is wasted are ageing infrastructure; insufficient water management; not using water-related data; poor water recycling; and outdated irrigation techniques. By addressing these elements, […]

Do you want to know the secret to a well-coordinated company?

By Gugu Mthimkhulu – PR at Innocomm When you think of your favourite company and how well put together it is, do you ever stop for a second to think why you like them so much? What’s the difference between them and your company? Well, the answer is not as complex as you think. Companies […]

Seven reasons not renew annual licence fees

All departments within businesses are transforming digitally, and Payroll and Human Resources Management is no different. In fact, this transformation is seeing payroll and HR solutions migrating more and more to cloud-based models. Cloud solutions deliver numerous advantages over traditional solutions that force users to depend traditional ways of data entry, while cloud is driving […]

Meeting the challenges of working from home

By Stefan Mayer, MD of Corporate AV Integration The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has seen all businesses, save essential services, asking their employees to work from home, in an effort to practise social distancing and lessen the impact of the virus. Remote working is effective on multiple levels. It ensures that employees are safe […]