Cold vs Hot Coffee: Which is better?

Iced coffee has become the latest favourite for caffeine junkies around the world with market researchers Mintel reporting that in 2013 up to 20% of adult US consumers drank iced coffee, making up a third of all coffee consumers in the US. But why are coffee drinkers switching from hot to cold and which is better? Ease […]

#EFWeek2020 Manifesto launched

In the run up to the fifth European Freelancers Week (#EFWeek), the European Coworking Assembly has released its 2020 Manifesto. The Manifesto aims to bring focus to the need for governments, businesses, and other stakeholders in the European economy to grapple actively with the changing face of work.  It is important that policy be made, […]

Max Kubwalo appointed as Xylem’s Metrology Sales Lead for Anglophone Africa

Xylem Africa is thrilled to announce that Max Kubwalo is joining its operations as Xylem’s Metrology Sales Lead for Anglophone Africa. Having started on 17 July 2020, Kubwalo is based in Cape Town and covers non-French speaking countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Kubwalo joins Xylem from Itron, where he established a stellar reputation among the utility […]

Boot the commute and cowork instead

People in the UK spend an average of 251 hours commuting a year. The South African numbers are most likely much higher. The current Covid 19 epidemic, due to health and safety reasons, has forced a state of emergency and therefore required people to work from home. Now that the epidemic is somewhat under control, […]

The importance of well trained and educated ECD teachers

According to a report called The Plight of the ECD Workforce, collated by various Early Childhood Development (ECD) organisations in April 2020, only 1 -1.5 million learners (out of a population of over 5 million children between the age of 0-4) will be able to attend an Early Childhood Development centre in South Africa. This is due […]

Giving payroll ‘legs’ by adopting a true SaaS solution

Although most organisations view payroll primarily as a way to remain compliant, calculate accurate net pay and pay employees in time, in reality, it goes way beyond these functions. The pace of change today, particularly when it comes to technology, is enabling businesses to become much more agile, it allows us to redesign the way […]