Deezer’s collaborative playlist feature arrives on Android

Johannesburg, 15 December 2020: Making your perfect playlist is fun, but it’s solo work. Sometimes, you need a bit of inspiration to curate your perfect mix. Our ‘Collaborative Playlist’ feature has come to Android devices. Now you can team up with your friends or family to co-create the perfect music mix. If you’re an Android […]

Mitigate risk by moving from CapEx to OpEx

With 2020 drawing to an end, it’s probably safe to say that we’ve all been reminded exactly how uncertain the future can be. Whether willingly or unwillingly, we’ve had to accept it is critical to mitigate risk, remain agile and flexible, and to preserve capital.  “Now is not the time to make large capital outlays, […]

No money for holiday flights? No problem.

With the festive season approaching, people across Africa are starting to plan their December holidays, and mostly on a shoestring budget, as most citizens were hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and have to make do with significantly less. Once the cost of a hotel or AirBnB, meals and entertainment have been considered, there isn’t much left […]

HR professionals: Be aware, and stay relevant

01 December 2020: The Covid-19 pandemic caused major shifts in the way we work and do business, forcing payroll and HR leaders to rethink workforce planning, management, and to develop strategies to handle the future of work. The pandemic disrupted companies across the board and led organisations to think differently about their people as they had […]