New membership bolsters a solutions driven approach in the water and sanitation industry

Johannesburg, 26 January 2021: Megapipes Solutions Limited is now a member of the Plastic Pipes Manufacturers of Kenya. KEPPMA confirmed Megapipes membership via a certificate awarded to the company in January this year and will see Megapipes subscribe to the association’s code of ethics. KEPPMA ensures that plastic pipes in Kenya are manufactured to the right standards and specifications. They […]

Find My Song: Deezer introduces search by lyrics

Johannesburg, 26 January 2021: Ever tried to search for a song but its name has escaped you? Maybe you only remember the chorus? Or a certain line that stands out? Not to worry, that’s all you need with Deezer’s new “search by lyrics” feature. If you can remember a few words, we’ll look up the specific […]

How 2020 has taught the education sector reinvention and prepared it for 2021

Johannesburg, 13 January 2021: All of us look towards this new year with hope and trust in greater and better things to come. This anticipation of change and renewal is especially felt in the education sector as parents and communities around the world gained a deeper appreciation during the lockdowns of the work educators do. With International Day […]

Outsourcing makes sense for multinationals

Outsourcing, or the transfer of a business activity or function to a third party service provider, is a solution gaining popularity throughout Africa. This leads to a more efficient allocation of roles and responsibilities, and an organisation that runs well, performs well.  According to Edmund Pohl, Head of Outsourcing at PaySpace, a leader in payroll […]

Covid-19 and the NEW Coffee Trends 2020-2021

Innovation, overlooked opportunities and a harsh assessment of how we source our coffee are at the centre of how the coffee industry is pivoting itself to mitigate and overcome the challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic. Here is a look at the current situation in the industry and how it’s impacted the newest and projected trends […]