Accurate payroll data is critical for a smooth filing season

Annual filing season is now open for businesses, with the South African Revenue Service (SARS) giving organisations until the end of May to submit all their employees’ payroll and tax information. According to SARS: “The data that must be submitted to SARS from employers should cover the Monthly Employer Declarations submitted, payments made and Tax […]

The Love Trust’s strong track record is attractive for long term investors.

Johannesburg, 21 April 2021: The Love Trust’s outstanding track record as a reputable not-for-profit organisation (NPO) with highly skilled people at the helm makes it attractive to for-profit organisations as a long-term investment prospect. The Covid-19 pandemic and retracted economy have had a devastating effect on many of the over 220,000 registered NPOs in South Africa […]

Deezer’s Podcast Tab now available in Asia, Africa and Oceania

Podcast fans around the world can now discover a huge range of shows, wherever they are Johannesburg, 20 April 2021: Deezer’s ‘Podcast’ tab is now finally available for audio fans across Asia, Africa and Oceania*. Our Podcast tab, previously called “Shows,” helps audio fans find their favourite podcasts in one convenient place.  Podcasts are now available […]

Sustainable Solutions needed to address Kenya flooding ahead of the rainy season.

Johannesburg, 15 April 2021: The annual rainy season in March – June, in conjunction with climate change, is a major concern for Kenyans across the country. Dirty flood waters rendering the roads unusable, and submerging residential areas, are expected again this year, and experts warn that better waste management, urban planning and warning systems are […]