SMEs Need Digital Business Banking

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are vital to the economy in every country, with the World Bank estimating that around 90% of businesses are SMEs and that they provide more than half the jobs in the world. They also make a sizable contribution to their local economy, ranging from up to 40% in emerging economies […]

The Value of Marketing and Communications During the Pandemic

Since the start of the pandemic, businesses have had to think creatively and reconsider the way in which they promote themselves. The pandemic has brought on uncertainties that even big corporations didn’t foresee or prepare for.  During this time it is of utmost importance for businesses to ensure that they do everything in their power […]

Water is the Foundation of the Big Four Agenda

Simon Thomas, international consultant and board member of Megapipes Solutions Limited Johannesburg, 28 June 2021: The Big Four Agenda, announced by President Uhuru Kenyatta in late 2017, has four main pillars. Enhancing Manufacturing, Food Security and Nutrition, Universal Health Coverage and Affordable Housing. Affordable housing implies the development of adequate, standardised, and well-spaced houses with a continuous […]

Video Window- A Way to Battle Zoom Fatigue

Currently the corporate world is experiencing a mix of office bound employees and remote employees. It can be difficult, mentally, for some employees to get those personal interactions and water cooler chats when at home or working from another office. A survey done by Achievers in the UK have shown that at least a third […]

#EFWeek Announcement 2021

It is Time to Take Action with the 6th Annual #EFWeek #EFWeek, the largest annual celebration of freelancers in Europe, will kick off once more in October 2021! European Freelancers Week (#EFWeek), organised by the European Coworking Assembly, is a movement where freelancers and independent workers have a chance to host events surrounding the theme […]

How The Love Trust is shaping the resilient youth of tomorrow

Johannesburg, 15 June 2021: On Youth Day (which takes place on 16 June) we commemorate the youth of South Africa who in 1976 protested against inequality, injustice, and the right to a brighter future. Now nearly half a century later, there is still a lot of work to be done. With the help and efforts from organisations […]

Data so clean, you wish you’d worn shades

Is anybody listening to organisations as they struggle with data volumes, complexity and cost? Johannesburg, 15 June 2021; Data is still one of the organisation’s most valuable resources. It is also still a resource that remains largely untapped by most and it’s costing them money. Those 44 zettabytes of data that make up the current digital universe are […]

Vocational training needed across the whole water industry

Simon Thomas, international consultant and board member of Megapipes Solutions Limited Johannesburg, 14 June 2021: According to UNESCO, the demand for water will increase by more than 55% until the year 2050, due to the exponential growth of the human population in all countries and this is highlighted in Kenya, where population growth, urban migration and […]