Conquering and achieving against all odds: The legacy of our Youth

During youth month we not only honour the contribution of the youth in the struggle for the liberation of South Africa, but we also celebrate the achievements they’ve made – their legacy. Although inequality is still rife in South Africa and access to quality education for all still only remains a goal to strive for, […]

How will POPIA impact cloud providers?

While Covid-19 has seen organisations shift to cloud platforms overnight to help them remain operational while their workforces are operating remotely, too many are not up to speed with what this means in terms of their data. This is particularly true now that the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act is coming into play, says […]

Ways to upskill the workforce to create a multiskilled team

In the past year, organisations were forced to start working remotely and employees had to adapt to new ways of doing things. Companies had to find ways to ensure that their teams were keeping with the times and had to guarantee the upskilling of their employees. This sped up and highlighted the importance of having […]

5 Reasons Why AV Solutions Work Better as a Managed Service

Audiovisual (AV) solutions have always been part of any business, especially when it comes to conferencing and basically anything that has a display. Now, with the changes that offices have undergone due to the Covid-19 pandemic and everyone settling into what we used to call ‘the new normal’, AV is even more integral for most […]

Forex Brokers, Professionals Face Daily Challenges

Over $6 trillion is traded daily in forex by around 11 million people, many of them inexperienced and new to the industry, having entered this market via online trading. This presents challenges for the registered brokers, who now face increased competition for new clients and an assault on existing clients. There are tried and trusted […]

New sanitation system in Narok will raise living standards for generations to come

Johannesburg (SA), 10 August 2021: Until late 2020, Narok had no sanitation system. The County had set aside a quarry near Narok town as a disposal area, but this was shut down in 2019 by the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) after the quarry got full and was spilling into the adjacent Enkare Narok River. However, this […]

New Partnership Between BDSwiss Group and PayPugs Brings Global FinTech Opportunities

PayPugs is delighted to announce that it has recently signed a partnership agreement with BDSwiss Group, a leading financial services group of companies, offering CFD investment services on over 1,000 underlying assets including forex, stocks, indices, precious metals, energies and ETFs to more than 1.5 million registered clients worldwide. “This partnership will widen the scope […]

The Future of Fintech Startups

The future of Fintech startups is bright. The fact that Fintech technology has matured and that banks are becoming more involved in financing Fintech startups, contributes to and supports the future of these startups. It also supports the banks in banking the underbanked and offering assistance to those who never had access to banking services. […]