Audiovisual (AV) solutions have always been part of any business, especially when it comes to conferencing and basically anything that has a display. Now, with the changes that offices have undergone due to the Covid-19 pandemic and everyone settling into what we used to call ‘the new normal’, AV is even more integral for most businesses. 

AV as a service (AVaaS) is gaining more popularity amongst SMEs and even larger corporations. This is because of various reasons, one being the flexibility it offers and the stress that gets taken from the organisation to focus on running their business. 

Furthermore, with the fourth industrial revolution and the need for better AV technology in most offices, and even homes, making use of AVaaS facilitates the process. The outlook for AVaaS is also positive which means more and better services from the sector in the near future. 

There are more reasons why AVaaS is a good option for any business, here are five to help you see the importance of AVaaS

1. Cost Effective

When considering the installation of AV products, it is important to weigh the pros and cons between AVaaS or investing in the technology – hardware and software. When comparing pricing, you will discover that AVaaS is more affordable than buying and installing the equipment in one go. 

What makes AVaaS so affordable is the way that payments are structured. Because AVaaS is a service, almost like renting a car, you pay on a monthly basis. For institutions like SMEs, this is far more manageable as they do not have to give out a large sum of money in one day. 

For big corporations, it offers a better advantage. They are able to also pay a monthly fee, but it comes with added benefits (these benefits are included for SMEs) like maintenance, longer warranties and guarantees, as well as expert tech support. 

2. Offers scalability and flexibility

Making use of AVaaS allows the business and the service provider to form a close knit relationship. This relationship is favourable to both parties as it ensures the best possible AV service to the business and also a loyal customer to the provider. 

The scalability of AVaaS is integrated in the solution and the relationship that the two parties have formed. When the company scales in size, their AVaaS will be able to assist with all of the installations. Best of all, it just gets added to your monthly fee. No once off payments. 

As a managed service, AV is flexible as it can be customised for the needs of the consumer. If a business owner were to purchase all of the equipment and leave it to the IT department to install, it would limit the AV solutions to the IT department’s knowledge. However, if you have AVaaS, you can inform your provider exactly what you want and they will be able to provide an expert solution.  

3. Installation is a breeze

Imagine having to find out where your AV needs are, do research on which systems are best fit for your needs, having to scout the best possible prices, and then having to find someone to install your equipment, only to find out that AVaaS takes all of that stress away. 

A company that offers AVaaS will do a consultation with you and ask a few questions on what you need. This will allow them to propose the best solution for you. The only thing that is left for you to do is to sign the contract and open the office for installation. 

It really is as easy as that. Because of the knowledge of the service provider, installations are done without hassle and within record time, and it also allows for neater installations as AVaaS prides themselves in the service they deliver. 

4. Maintenance is a call away

Usually an organisation has an IT department which is tasked with anything ‘technology’ related. From a computer that makes weird noises, to the light that flickers above Linda’s desk and distracts her. However, AV seems to scare most IT professionals as some systems have integrated software that they are unfamiliar with. 

If a business makes use of AVaaS, the stress of maintaining these systems are just a phone call away. It relieves your IT department from the unnecessary stress and ensures that your AV systems are repaired by industry professionals. 

Usually the nature of the contract between a corporation and AV providers stipulates that the provider will manage the maintenance–which usually includes the hardware and software. This means that companies can sleep peacefully knowing that their AV systems will always be in the best hands. 

5. Systems will stay up to date

Buying AV equipment and systems once off is not only expensive but also leaves the buyer without any room for keeping their systems up to date. This is because of the cost associated with updating AV systems and also finding the right professionals. 

When making use of AVaaS, updating your AV systems will be a breeze, as it will be done by the provider themselves. Not only that, but you might be kept in the loop about future products that will allow you to stay ahead of time by always having the best and newest technology. 

Once again, AVaaS makes life easy for any business owner, as they don’t have to outsource a company to update the systems. The AV provider will come straight to you and offer you the best possible bang for your buck. 

Making use of AVaaS streamlines your business processes. It allows businesses to easily obtain AV equipment without the hassle of doing research, sourcing and buying the equipment, and installing the equipment. The time that would’ve been wasted on this, can instead be used for growing the business. 

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