By Talitha Utton – Account Manager at Innocomm

Working in an all-woman, remote, worldwide team, misinterpretation and misunderstandings can wreak havoc between team members. This could spill into the work done for clients and into the relationships between co-workers.

The age-old recommendation of open communication and the putting to bed the fear of rejection, something we all fear experiencing, can go a long way within a team dynamic. For men within a working team the below may not be relevant, but for me in a remote, worldwide all-women team, I’ve learned the following:

As a team, Innocomm has been undergoing teambuilding sessions through Exponentially Me, an organisation geared towards building team cohesion. With a focus on unlocking each members potential, while also creating an environment to thrive in despite our varying characters, we’ve been navigating this journey together.

In a series of carefully designed activities our team of six has learnt about what triggers us, what opinions matter to us, and how our cognitive skills differ… It brings a very real sense of how you work within your environment and how we all interpret messages differently. In this neutral, online environment, we reflect and learn about one another, we objectively see how we vary in nature, in opinion and interpretation – and that it is alright as we all bring uniqueness to the team.

Having this insight into a team that you work with daily and rely on to achieve your own goals and KPI’s provides unimaginable insight and understanding. Finding the right tools to bring out the best in one another, to raise one another up in times of need, and to hear one another, counts towards making a cohesive team, no matter what time-zone or room of your house you sit in.

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