Johannesburg, 20 February 2020: For newly launched ride sharing platform, Afri Ride, security comes first.

Requesting a ride from an app on your smartphone is just one of the many conveniences that ridesharing services bring in addition to safety. There’s no need to hail a cab, which is expensive, and there might not always be one close by when you need it.

This is why Afri Ride has innovated again, integrating a 3D payment system which vets the cardholder to ensure transparency with regards to who is driving and who is requesting a ride. It also offers a Women Only option, for ladies who simply feel more comfortable with a female driver, or with only female passengers.

“We launched this service because many people were hitch hiking, or looking for lifts with strangers on social media, which is highly unsafe, particularly for women in South Africa, where gender-based violence is an unfortunate reality that South African women face on a daily basis,” says Joe Moyo, Managing Director of Afri Ride.

Moyo recognizes that in a working environment, there would be no need for a gender-segregated transport system.

“We want to guarantee that women can drive safely without any worries, and similarly they can catch a ride without any safety concerns,” Moyo adds. “In no way are we discriminating against anyone, we simply understand there is a market segment that prefers to have this option.”

Other safety features include around-the-clock customer service, and a cashless system which eliminates the need to travel with cash on hand.

“Gone too are the dangerous walks to bus stops or waiting on street corners for taxis. There’s no need to walk anywhere our users can use the integrated chat service, Mbira Chat to arrange a pickup point that is both convenient and safe. Mbira Chat allows users to send each other live locations to keep each other as well as their friends and family updated.”

From the moment a user requests a ride they are able to see their driver’s picture as well as the vehicle and receive video calls to verify the driver’s identity. 


Joe Moyo – Managing Director of Afri Ride

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