The African consumer is on the rise and his spending power is increasing year on year as more and more households move into a middle-income bracket.

African businesses are looking to actively engage with the global community, and we help and support our clients to navigate this unfamiliar environment.

Breaking through the flood of messaging that clients and prospects are drowning in every day has become one of the top challenges for marketers. What is needed is a communications solution that cuts through the clutter by speaking to the right audience, at the right time, with the right message.

This is a reality across the globe. However, when dealing with the African audience where factors such as low literacy levels and high mobile device penetration play a vital role in shaping interactions and messages.

Our approach is strongly business-oriented and highly strategic both in our communications output and in the way we approach each project.

We are seeing a push towards economic diversification on the continent, and realise that African entities are looking for communications services that help them to promote foreign investment, foster new business and promote innovation.

Media relationships, engagement and understanding are core to connecting consumers with brands, and growing brand interest and support across all consumer touch points. Our belief is that understanding transforms human behaviour, and being inquisitive and optimistic is crucial to public relations success in this part of the world.

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