With the COVID-19 pandemic declared a national state of disaster, now more than ever, digital transformation is on the forefront for businesses across the board. The month long quarantine and social distancing has forced businesses in all industries and of all sizes to adopt new models of engagement with employees, customers, suppliers and partners. 

“Businesses who are already using cloud technology can attest that this sudden disruption in the way they do business delivered a much softer blow and they find themselves already one step ahead during these challenging times.” says Sandra Crous, Managing Director of PaySpace, a leader in payroll and human capital management software. “Businesses who have adopted social distancing and have implemented remote working strategies, with support of the correct tools and systems, feel secure knowing their colleagues can continue to be productive.”

Nowhere is this truer than when it comes to payroll, she says. “Paying employees on time is one function that cannot be compromised on. Using a cloud-based payroll system means that the human resources department can stay on top of HR and payroll management even when they are not in the office.”

Having your payroll data and systems accessible from the cloud rather than on-premise means that employees can apply for leave, view their pay slips, process claims and have access to company policies as long as they have a device and an internet connection.” Adopting cloud solutions enables your employees to be well informed, feel secure that they have a reliable source of data and see the impact of changes to remuneration immediately.

She says this is where cloud-based payroll has a distinct advantage over on-premise solutions. “Updates will need to be done manually, and this could prove extremely tricky during lockdown. All businesses, except for essential services, have been forced to close their doors, or work remotely, so companies with on-premise payroll solutions are going to be facing some real challenges.”

“As President Ramaphosa was giving his address to the nation, many of our customers wanted to understand how the relief measures would benefit their businesses. It was now necessary for HR and payroll providers to get clarity on the impact of the proposed UIF relief, to advise their customers on how to apply, which process to follow and to enhance their software to cater for the changes. Cloud solutions make it possible to deliver these changes instantaneously once the software is updated. Giving customers piece of mind that they are on the right track to assist colleagues eligible for UIF relief immediately. ”

According to her, during these uncertain times surrounding the pandemic, PaySpace was contacted by potential customers who were uncertain about the new measures that have been put in place, and the subsequent processes that needed to be followed regarding relief options that are in the process of becoming available for businesses who are undergoing financial distress.

“As a cloud provider, PaySpace, was able to communicate clearly to all our customers around the various options, and lend our support as much as possible by consolidating the information from our various advisory sources, and updating and sharing any changes as they become available,” Crous concludes.

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