Walk the Journey of Hope with OneSpark this Heritage Month

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela Johannesburg, 15 September 2021: It’s a sad statistic, but over a quarter of a million children in South Africa state that they cannot attend school because they don’t have access to necessities*. With over two thirds of school children […]

Conquering and achieving against all odds: The legacy of our Youth

During youth month we not only honour the contribution of the youth in the struggle for the liberation of South Africa, but we also celebrate the achievements they’ve made – their legacy. Although inequality is still rife in South Africa and access to quality education for all still only remains a goal to strive for, […]

Omnicor’s Mandela Day Blanket Drive for The Love Trust

Johannesburg, 03 August 2021: Mandela Day on 18 July annually, inspires many people in South Africa and around the world to offer support, bring joy and a smile to the faces of those in need. Over the last seven years, Omnicor, a global provider of talent management technology and services, would typically spend Mandela Day at the Charlotte […]

How The Love Trust is shaping the resilient youth of tomorrow

Johannesburg, 15 June 2021: On Youth Day (which takes place on 16 June) we commemorate the youth of South Africa who in 1976 protested against inequality, injustice, and the right to a brighter future. Now nearly half a century later, there is still a lot of work to be done. With the help and efforts from organisations […]

The Pioneers of the Post-Covid School System

The learners and teachers of transitional phase grades (R, 3 7 and 12) faced unprecedented challenges this past year as schools had closed down across the country in the wake of the deadly Covid-19 virus. These grades are unique in that they are meant to prepare students for a more advanced learning environment and curriculum […]

The Love Trust’s strong track record is attractive for long term investors.

Johannesburg, 21 April 2021: The Love Trust’s outstanding track record as a reputable not-for-profit organisation (NPO) with highly skilled people at the helm makes it attractive to for-profit organisations as a long-term investment prospect. The Covid-19 pandemic and retracted economy have had a devastating effect on many of the over 220,000 registered NPOs in South Africa […]

How 2020 has taught the education sector reinvention and prepared it for 2021

Johannesburg, 13 January 2021: All of us look towards this new year with hope and trust in greater and better things to come. This anticipation of change and renewal is especially felt in the education sector as parents and communities around the world gained a deeper appreciation during the lockdowns of the work educators do. With International Day […]

Raising a resilient, 21st century generation

Who, How and Why behind increasing our children’s opportunitiesto become successful adults Society loves the stories of heroes who overcame their circumstance to ascend to enviable positions in our communities. But, this ordinary magic, as American resilience scholar Ann Masten puts it, resides in all of us, including those ordinary heroes who strive to live a happier, more balanced […]

A flexible approach towards learning challenges

Surmounting barriers to learning is especially important in the early development stages of a child’s life as it influences their entire school career moving forward. We spoke to Michelle Peters, the Principal at The Love Trust’s Nokuphila Pre-Primary School in Thembisa, about how they help and support their learners who have special needs. What do […]