Forex Brokers, Professionals Face Daily Challenges

Over $6 trillion is traded daily in forex by around 11 million people, many of them inexperienced and new to the industry, having entered this market via online trading. This presents challenges for the registered brokers, who now face increased competition for new clients and an assault on existing clients. There are tried and trusted […]

New Partnership Between BDSwiss Group and PayPugs Brings Global FinTech Opportunities

PayPugs is delighted to announce that it has recently signed a partnership agreement with BDSwiss Group, a leading financial services group of companies, offering CFD investment services on over 1,000 underlying assets including forex, stocks, indices, precious metals, energies and ETFs to more than 1.5 million registered clients worldwide. “This partnership will widen the scope […]

The Future of Fintech Startups

The future of Fintech startups is bright. The fact that Fintech technology has matured and that banks are becoming more involved in financing Fintech startups, contributes to and supports the future of these startups. It also supports the banks in banking the underbanked and offering assistance to those who never had access to banking services. […]

BaaS – Why is it a Good Option for your Business?

Blog Post by Emils Kragis, Business Development Officer at PayPugs Just a few years ago, people had to go to a bank, talk to a person and wait days, or even weeks, for a hopefully positive response. Today, most of the business is shifting towards the digital environment and customers are able to access their […]

Covid Fuels Cashless Contactless Society

We spoke to PayPugs, a digital banking service provider who aims to bank the underbanked and provides services in different currencies and countries, about how Covid-19 fuels the cashless and contactless society.  The predictions of a rise in digital payments made before the Covid pandemic are now out of date, with substantially more people opting for […]

Earn Money and Be Your Own Boss with the Introducer Offering of PayPugs

The PayPugs introducer programme is here to help you earn money by introducing PayPugs to your acquaintances. It puts you in control of your earnings and makes you your own boss. When you are able to earn cash immediately, without any hidden fees, why would you hesitate to join the programme? There are a myriad of benefits […]

SMEs Need Digital Business Banking

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are vital to the economy in every country, with the World Bank estimating that around 90% of businesses are SMEs and that they provide more than half the jobs in the world. They also make a sizable contribution to their local economy, ranging from up to 40% in emerging economies […]

Customer Service according to PayPugs: an interactive conversation you can’t afford to miss

Johannesburg, 04 March 2021: The distance between companies and clients seem to be getting bigger and the risk of delivering poor quality customer experience grows. The innovative team at PayPugs, the new payment service designed to make payments simpler, faster and more secure than ever before, promises customers a truly personal approach. But why is the customer […]