Johannesburg, 04 March 2021: The distance between companies and clients seem to be getting bigger and the risk of delivering poor quality customer experience grows.

The innovative team at PayPugs, the new payment service designed to make payments simpler, faster and more secure than ever before, promises customers a truly personal approach. But why is the customer experience so important and why are so many getting it wrong?

Why should customer service matter more to companies?

Unless you’re a massive conglomerate that can outperform competitors while being ranked as one of the most hated companies, you’ll need the buy-in and continued support of an existing and ever-growing client base. By providing good customer service companies differentiate themselves from customers as well as foster trust, loyalty, better brand image and willingness under customers to spend even more because clients feel heard, taken care of and valued. And, according to Forbes you don’t need to break the bank to do it.

Kristine Kjerulfa, Chief Operating Officer at PayPugs®, defines customer service as a mutually beneficial interactive conversation. The problem she observes is that in an attempt to cut down costs (labour being a major expense for any business) most companies “automate the crucial bits of the conversation that could ultimately lead to loss of clients. Because,” Kristine explains, “they don’t get as detailed or as relevant an answer as a personal approach might provide”.

Kristine Kjerulfa, Chief Operating Officer at PayPugs®

Then why are so many companies getting customer service so wrong?

Due to competition and market demand, Kristine believes, many companies — especially in the beginning– sacrifice customer experience in order to make sure they meet all their own goals within a limited time and with the limited resources they have.

Another thing that Kristine noted is that the conversation needs to be as clear and transparent as possible, from both sides. She explains that companies can only do so much with the information they’re given and sometimes crucial information isn’t shared by the client because they just didn’t know it might be important.

What can be done to re-empower the customers and improve customer service?

Kristine suggests a more hybrid approach when it comes to interacting with clients: “I think it’s about understanding the entire process, and about putting the correct priorities in at the right places in this process chain.”

When companies actually do have that two-way conversation Kristine believes “you have to be as transparent as possible, and try to explain things in the most understandable way.” You don’t know every aspect of the client’s business (their corporate kitchen so to speak), the same way that the client doesn’t know every aspect of your business, making it extremely important to communicate in as simple and clear terms as possible. Kristine also states that you need to be as transparent as possible regarding the requirements, any information you share, managing customer’s expectations and your own authority when speaking to clients.

PayPugs have made the customer their central focus by offering them personally tailored solutions and access to a team of qualified professionals that will help you every step of the way, because according to PayPugs “We see and consider you and your business, not a faceless list of categories and risks.”


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