New Exclusive Playlist to fall in love with on Valentine’s Day

Johannesburg, 10 February 2020: Searching for love may not be as elusive as you think. Just ahead of Valentine’s Day, global music streaming service Deezer and Mzansi’s own Ami Faku matched up to release a personalised ‘Real Love’ playlist. The exclusive playlist features some of Ami’s personal favourites and emotional songs that she adores the most.

Hailing from the Eastern Cape, the modern Afro Soul artist has made her mark on the South African music scene with her hit singles Love Drunk, Ubuhle Bakho and Ndikhethe Wena. Ami made her strongest impression in her home country with the powerful single Into Ingawe, the second most streamed Deezer track of 2019.

The songstress who released her debut album Imali last year, has also collaborated with music heavy weights including; Blaq Diamond, Amanda Black, 37MPH and Sun-El Musician.

Now Ami is ready to open up her heart, as she shares the inspiration behind her ‘Real Love’ playlist. 

1.     What is your favourite love song of all time?

James Blunt – Goodbye my lover.

2.     What kind of music can fans expect to hear in your Real Love playlist? Why/what song has a special place in your heart?

The songs that inspire me, the playlist might help them get to know me better through those songs.

3.     What songs of your own have you included in the playlist and why?

“Ungowami”, “Ndikhethe Wena” and “Ubuhle Bakho” because these songs fully submit to love and I’ve always imagined that as how I’d like to be loved one day, without fear or doubt.

4.     Which artists would you like to collaborate with be it international / local artist?

Chronixx would be a dream come true.

5.     How much of your own relationship experience has inspired your song writing?

I’d say 100%!

6.     What love life advice would you give to your fans?

At the end of it all, you’re in control of how you want to live this life. Make the best of it!

7.     Which iconic artists do you draw inspiration from?

Asa, Chronixx and Caiphus Semenya.

8.     Finally, do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? If so, what would your ideal Valentine’s date be?

I do, enjoying the person’s company I’ll be with is important. You don’t need to be romantically involved with someone in order to spend Valentine’s day with. So being with people I love is my ideal Valentine’s day.

Listen to Ami Faku’s exclusive Deezer playlist ‘Real Love’ here:

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