Deezer’s Collaborative playlist feature

Johannesburg, 15 December 2020: Making your perfect playlist is fun, but it’s solo work. Sometimes, you need a bit of inspiration to curate your perfect mix. Our ‘Collaborative Playlist’ feature has come to Android devices. Now you can team up with your friends or family to co-create the perfect music mix.

If you’re an Android user you can now switch on the new ‘Collaborative’ toggle at the top of any of the playlists you’ve made. This will allow other music fans to add tracks. If you want to start fresh, just create a new collaborative playlist from scratch. Head to Favorites, ‘Add New Playlist’ and switch on the Collaborative toggle.

“Curating songs together is a great way to get inspired and to introduce more variety and flavour to your playlists. It also brings you closer to other music lovers by letting you share your tastes and inspirations. Even if you can’t be with your friends right now, you can create something that brings you closer together,” said Alexandra Leloup, Head of Product at Deezer.

The Collaborative Playlist feature is rolling out this week to all Deezer Android users worldwide. The feature is already available for all Desktop and web users.


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