By Gugu Mthimkhulu – PR at Innocomm

When you think of your favourite company and how well put together it is, do you ever stop for a second to think why you like them so much? What’s the difference between them and your company? Well, the answer is not as complex as you think. Companies that instill, practice and cultivate effective communication tactics tend to thrive more in the communications industry.

The mere existence and survival of any company depends on its ability to effectively communicate valuable information to all stakeholders. The first and most important component of a company’s success is the ability of its members – employers and employees, to disseminate information to and from each other hassle-free. Specific communication tactics need to be put in place in order for this process to be effective.

No two companies are the same and therefore, there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to the types of communication tactics used by companies. However, having a clear and well-engineered communication system helps deliver information promptly to the desired target audience. Implementing structured and specific methods of communication also serve as guiding principles to the members of the organisation when executing their respective duties in the company.

For many companies, having a strong vision is one thing, but being able to communicate it is a completely different story. It is important that organisations always keep in mind that their mission and vision statements, known internally by them, might not be as clearly understood by the masses, and even their target audience. It is then the responsibility of the communications team to ensure that the company vision is represented and communicated in the best possible way to internal and external stakeholders. Finding the ideal vehicle for communicating your message might not be as easy as it sounds. Companies need to invest time in researching the type of communication tools that will align best with their messaging and target market.

Once an organisation has mastered and perfected effective internal communication: meaning that every member of the company is in tune and understands what the company is all about, what the vision is and how it will be brought to life, that organisation has passed the essential stage of communication and is ready to share its vision to the external stakeholders, and will do so with slim chances of failing.

In essence, communication tactics are the backbone of any organisation. You need to find, instill and cultivate the ones that align with your company and the message you’re trying to get across.

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