PayPugs Introducer Programme

The PayPugs introducer programme is here to help you earn money by introducing PayPugs to your acquaintances. It puts you in control of your earnings and makes you your own boss.

When you are able to earn cash immediately, without any hidden fees, why would you hesitate to join the programme? There are a myriad of benefits when joining the introducer programme. 

Here are some of the reasons why you cannot afford to not be a PayPugs Introducer and how you can earn money solely with referrals

The two-tier referral commission 

PayPugs offers a two tiered commission structure. With your first referral you will earn 20% commission for your referral’s initial onboarding fee. 

Then, when your referral refers someone else, you will obtain a 5% commission of their referrals’s first transaction. 

To make the process more clear here is an example of how it works. If you (person A) refer your friend (person B) and person B successfully opens an account and makes a transaction, a 20% commission will be paid directly into your PayPugs account. When person B refers their friend (person C) and they successfully open an account and start transacting on it, person B will receive a 20% commission and person A will receive a 5% commission. 

This means that you are in complete control of the money that you rake in. The harder you work and the more people you refer to PayPugs, will earn you more money. 

Your very own PayPugs manager

Not only do you have the pleasure of referring people to PayPugs, but you get to enjoy our customer experience. When you become a PayPugs introducer, you get assigned your own manager to help you with everything you need to know about the process. 

The best part about having your own PayPugs manager is that all of the heavy lifting is done by them. All of the paperwork, documentation and client onboarding is done by your manager. Which means that you can have peace of mind that your work only consists of referring new clients. 

This makes it easier for you as a PayPugs introducer to refer as many clients as you wish without the administration. 

Your own PayPugs account free of charge

Being a PayPugs introducer comes with the benefit of getting your own PayPugs account free of charge. This account will be used for your commissions. 

All of the commissions that you receive as a PayPugs Introducer is paid into this account, which you can withdraw from at any time. PayPugs also guarantees that there are no hidden fees and especially no hidden faces. 

Because you have direct contact with your manager, it makes communication with PayPugs swift and easy. 

Interested? Here is how to apply

To become an Introducer is a flexible and easy process. PayPugs asks that you just complete our contact form on our website and will then be assigned a personal manager — or if you’re already a customer, reach out to your personal account manager. 

After that, the onboarding process consists of the signing of a NDA, after which we’ll share internal files upon request and send the preliminary check form. Once you have completed the pre-check form, it is then sent to the PayPugs onboarding team to review. 

If your application isn’t perfect or something is missing, the team will reach out to you and let you know how you can improve on the application. Once the pre-check is successful, the next phase is the AML check. PayPugs will send you a list of documents needed for a full AML check which is free of charge. 

What are you waiting for? It is time to take control of your income and to be your own boss with the Introducer Programme. Earn money quickly and easily by introducing others to the PayPugs family. Join the Introducer Programme today and see the benefits you gain. 

Contact PayPugs today to find out more about the Introducer Programme and how to apply. 

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