Johannesburg, 27 February 2020: With access to millions of drivers ready and waiting to take them wherever they need to go, passengers across the world have relished in the benefits of ridesharing. However, it’s not only passengers who can benefit from this peer to peer transaction but drivers too.

“Drivers should capitalise on their car-seats by treating them as resources and offering them to other travelers,” says Joe Moyo, Managing Director of Afri Ride, a safe and convenient ridesharing app that was purpose-built for Africa’s commuters, to make transport more accessible than ever before.

“With all South Africans feeling the pinch of an economy in crisis, owning a car for many, is an unaffordable luxury that comes with a host of other expenses such as insurance, servicing, licensing and fuel,” adds Moyo.

“Due to the capricious nature of the economy, everyone is looking for ways to generate an extra income and using their personal vehicles for ridesharing is becoming an irresistible option.” says Moyo. Afri Ride takes ridesharing a step further, because in addition to finding seats and borrowing cars, Afri Ride promotes entrepreneurship by encouraging new innovative income generations on a ready-made platform.

Irrespective of whether you are one of the carpooling mum community, a Fourways to Centurion commuter or a professional driver, the app offers tailor-made solutions for drivers to generate an income.

Moyo offers drivers several tips regarding maximizing their earnings. “The first thing I advise drivers is to organise their work week properly, especially commuters who do regular trips. Afri Ride allows for flexibility so drivers can set their own price and travel date, but as with any work, things can fall apart if you do don’t have a plan in place.”

Moyo says sticking to a weekly schedule can help daily commuters manage their cash flow without overworking themselves. “For instance if you have a full-time job and decide to offer seats on Afri Ride to earn some extra cash. You might set yourself a goal of an extra R3000 a month and offer enough seats throughout the month to other commuters heading to your direction to reach your goal.”

In addition, offering seats during peak time will attract a lot more commuters as there are more people in need of rides than there are available seats. This also drastically reduces traffic as ridesharing reduces the number of cars in the road.

“Offering up seats or even offering your car can definitely help ease the pain of the skyrocketing cost of living , but drivers need to be smart, learn how to trim your costs and be vigilant of the factors that can limit your earning potential such as tardiness” Moyo concludes.


Joe Moyo – Managing Director of Afri Ride

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