“The number one thing is to focus on is employees and customers,” Moynihan said on how companies should set priorities and manage the ongoing crisis. When it comes to taking care of employees, he added, the goals should be: “keep them well, keep them employed and keep them mentally healthy.”- Brian Moynihan, CEO of Bank of America and Chair of the World Economic Forum’s International Business Council.

In a time of COVID-19 the communications space has become stimulating and interesting by stepping up, embracing its industry, I am proud to be a part of this new ‘norm’. With technology and the ability to be virtually in several places in one day, I wanted to share the appreciation I have for this industry that has evolved over the last few months.

I, like many around the world have thought how best I could manage the various lockdown levels, and I took a decision to use this time to grow and improve my skillset by embracing all platforms that will assist with my growth. It is here that I decided to grab the ‘bull by the horns’ and joined many a webinar. I have learned lessons, trends, future statistics and data that could be translated into my everyday working schedule. I quickly realised which webinars were not what I was looking for, but most importantly I stretched my thinking, formed new patterns away from what was the past’s norm, my ideas shifted with facts and figures and my knowledge broadened more than I could have imagined .

One of the best pieces of advice ever given to me was; ‘learn one new thing, each day’ and this was my chance. I often look at learning and see the price tag attached to making me a more productive resource, understand more and be able to play in a competitive economy. I now look back on the past 108 days and I am amazed at how, so many of our competitors have opened their windows to share insight and data. This acted as a catalyst bringing together industry relevant listeners who were able to ask questions and share knowledge and expertise. Through this dark time of the pandemic and months of lockdown, I saw a slither of the ‘silver lining’, even through the challenges and tragedies we are facing.

We had to question certain things in our lives that we would have never expected, i.e. loss of income, new stringent rules and regulations and perhaps some personal challenges that could affect our mental health. Having taken stock of all of that, I realised that in my case it made me grow and learn. I gained respect  for the leaders in the communications space that unselfishly shared their knowledge and ideas in a platform where we could all learn without spending the fortune to be on par with the ‘new thinking’.

To all the communications professionals and business’, thank you for making a difference to the professional lives of many, including mine. I too can say that I have proof and a backup of data related information that I can base my future communications plans on as a small player in a big field.

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