A shift from traditional TV…A shift from traditional TV…

In recent years we have seen a massive shift away from traditional media to social and digital platforms. EVERYONE and ANYONE with a mobile device can join the digital evolution through; uploading, viewing or engaging in content. Already, 2018 has seen an increased amount of video content being shared across digital media.

So why the digital video hype?

More and more people are shying away from watching traditional television and opting to stream and view video content online. The Smart TV along with more affordable Wi-Fi and access to fibre in South Africa has shifted more and more people away from spending exorbitant rates for traditional television (hmmm we won’t say who – but we all know who monopolises the Southern African market) – giving the discerning viewer more options and meeting their desire to avoid long spurts of interruption-based advertising.

The ‘instant gratification generation’ aka ‘Millennials’ need to feed their digital cravings and very few will switch on to live television broadcasting to do this. Why? Because they have new needs:

  1. The need to control the duration of their viewing pleasure? I.e. if the show is dragging out, can they stop it, fast forward it, or skip it?
  2. The need to access more of what they want to see WHEN they want to see it? I.e. this generation is not accustomed to waiting (in general) a whole week to see what happens next on Game of Thrones – they want to binge watch their favourite series in one night!
  3. The need to be up to date with the latest shows or clips as and when they become available.

It is with thanks to smart mobile devices, smart TV’s, Wi-Fi and social media that the digital video hype is shifting the way that audiences watch ‘TV’. With a plethora of content available for one too; seek out, watch or ignore – at their leisure, at their own pace, in their own time; it is not surprising that producers are ditching traditional television for digital and social platforms to share and build an audience for their content. That is because they know that traditional is waning and digital is on the rise. Plus, let us not forget that ‘online’ channels, streams and uploads can be as raw and real as they want to – meaning people, from amateurs to professional video producers can run wild with their creative licence.

Video, channel or show success is always a risk – there is no guarantee that your video or channel will be well received until you click upload and wait to see the response. With a camera on your phone and ideas in your head – you could be the next internet sensation! Besides, creating video content for social channels like YouTube is cheap and promises an honest audience who will either eat your content up or skip it in a matter of seconds.