Sealing leaks in dams and ponds has never been easier

Aqua Plastech supplies relevant high-quality water saving products and solutions to the South African private, retail and agricultural markets.

The company aims to ensure that their customers suffer minimal water losses especially taking into account that water is a precious resource that will become even scarcer in the future. Aqua Plastech offers all farmers, golf courses, game lodges, fish farmers, dam and pond owners two unique innovations to seal leaks and cracks in earth ponds and cement dams. Aqua

Plastech made their entry into the market with a unique product called Aqua Plastech Dam & Pond Sealer which is revolutionary in its application and effectiveness.

It has the following benefits:

  • No need to empty your dam or pond first – no loss of existing water
  • Can be applied to empty dams
  • Only needs to be applied to problem areas
  • Non-toxic to plants and animal life
  • Easy to apply with no need for heavy machinery or expert advice
  • Rapid results – within 24 hours
  • Aesthetically pleasing, no shoddy plastic/rubber/cement walls as it becomes part of the natural soil structure

Aqua Plastech Dam and Pond Sealant which provides a convenient solution for sealing leaking earth dams or ponds as well as clearing muddy and cloudy looking water without having to empty out precious water or posing a risk to fish or other wildlife. This compound has the advantage of agglomerating the suspended inorganic solids (e.g. clay fines) in the water and clearing the water as a result. Even better, is that it does not harm any wildlife in or around the water because of its organic nature.

Other interesting facts about the product by Aqua Plastech, is that it is a super absorbent polymer and is technically a polymer acrylamide, not unlike the material contained in babies’ disposable nappies that mops up the wetness but linked and cross linked as well as negatively charged giving it its unique qualities.

The product is supplied in a coarse granular form in either 1kg, 4kg or 16kg buckets.

Here is a brief explanation of how the sealing process works; 100g of the granule is spread upon the surface of the water using nothing more sophisticated than a fertilizer or seed spreader. Upon contact with water, the product expands exponentially and evenly distributes itself over the treated area before gently sinking to the bottom as a slimy goo. It is then sucked into fissures and cracks at the base of the dam by the “hydraulic forces” created by the water that has already leaked into the soil, dissolving further and deeper into the ground. Having agglomerated the suspended inorganic particles in the water; this aids in forming a durable, enduring layer of impermeable material that is drawn into the top layers of the pond or dam’s bottom, thereby creating an effective seal.

Although it is the norm to treat an entire surface of a leaking dam, if you know more or less where the actual spot of a leak is, it is possible to treat it exclusively, simply by applying the granules directly above the source of the leak. Naturally, this and all dam sealing activities should be done under calm and wind-free weather conditions to ensure that the granules expand and sink into the right spot and are not blown away.

Aqua Plastech’s Dam and Pond Sealant can treat dam and pond leakages with the exception being; dams with very steep sides, because the material is unable attach itself effectively to a vertical side but will instead sink to a flatter bottom.Aside from that exception, the Dam and Pond sealer product has received positive feedback from users, some reported witnessing improvement almost overnight after using the compound, both in terms of water clarity and water loss. Aqua Plastech Dam and Pond Sealer is designed to work across a broad range of soil, sand and rock types and will repair both fast and slow leaks.

The material can also be applied retrospectively on a dam that has been improperly constructed with a layer of bentonite initially compacted into the bottom before filling, and it can be applied without removing vegetation growing in the dam, as it does not harm the vegetation in any way.

The results strictly rely on the user’s ability to follow instructions carefully. The material used to manufacture these products is highly hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs moisture readily from the atmosphere and it is supplied in sealed plastic bags of 1, 4 and 16kg.


After 4 Days

For those with leaking farm dams, cattle troughs, koi pond or basically any vertical masonry that is either leaking or suffering from water penetration, Aqua Plastech is not without a solution. Aqua Plastech UberSeal is a unique solution tested to ASTM standards (an international standards body comparable to SABS standards). UberSeal is a clear, water-based and general-purpose waterproofing compound designed for use on a wide variety of substrates.

UberSeal is tailored to seal and protect porous vertical masonry surfaces such as split faced or decorative concrete blocks. The product is specifically designed to counter wind-driven rain and unlike ‘water repellent’ style sealers, is able to withstand hydrostatic pressures caused by significant weather conditions. The product also accommodates smaller cracks and it dries to a clean low sheen. One litre of UberSeal can treat 5m² with 2 coats, the first coat penetrates the porous cavities inside the wall with the second coat creating an impenetrable layer on the outside. Any type of acrylic paint may be used to paint over it. UberSeal is safe for sealing water reservoir used for storing water used for human consumption.

UberSeal dries to a clear low sheen finish and remains highly flexible by up to 300% to accommodate minor movement in the substrate. UberSeal can be over painted with any acrylic paint. Due to exceptional adhesion UberSeal is well suited as a primer for acrylic architectural topcoats, elastomerics and roofing paints. UberSeal is a very soft sealer and not suitable for horizontal surfaces subject to traffic (e.g. paths, pavers, floors etc.) unless they are to be covered with tiles, carpet, or harder coatings.

The applications for UberSeal is endless and may be used with confidence to seal the following:

  • Cement Pond/Dams Fibre Cement Sheets
  • Water Troughs Leaking Showers
  • Wet Areas Particle Board Flooring
  • Concrete Slabs Clay Masonry Bricks and Blocks
  • Coloured Masonry Sealing Screeds

Steps in repair process

  1. Damage is detected and surface area is cleaned
  2. Cracks are chipped open and repaired
  3. UberSeal is applied
  4. Filled with water after 7 day curing period

UberSeal is packaged in 1 litre, 5 litre and 20 litre buckets.

All their products are readily available online at their website where customer can conveniently pay with either a card or EFT.
Products are couriered at nominal expense to their doorstep by The Courier Guy.

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