Top tips for your social media strategy in 2018:

As the saying goes, ‘fail to plan – plan to fail’. This could not be truer when it comes to your social media strategy for 2018.

The digital landscape is evolving and so too are the possibilities for interactive audience engagement.

As more businesses seek opportunities to shine a light on their brands through social media platforms they should not approach their online engagement blindly. Aside from the strategic and brand knowledge required to manage an effective social media campaign, one also needs to stay ‘in the know’ about the present and upcoming trends.

Here are five tips to consider when planning your next social media campaign:

#Tip 1 Boost your posts and increase your reach

The first thing you need to know AND accept; is that the blissful days of ‘free advertising’ are rapidly coming to an end.

If you have been active on social media for a considerable period of time, you may have noticed a recent decline in the engagement rate of your posts. This is not an accident; it is an inevitability. Say goodbye to your previously successful organic reach. Now, if you want to get noticed on your target audience’s newsfeed, you will need to spend some money!

‘Boosting’ posts and being specific and strategic with how you set your audience reach is critical to getting your message across to your desired market. This is not something that should be done at random and should be carefully planned and timed.

TIP #2 Create engaging content that speaks to your audience

Wouldn’t it be nice for users to share your content on their profiles? That is ultimately what most social media users would like to achieve when they post. Consider this, would you share something that many people would find mediocre or even ‘boring’? Probably not! People are looking for informative, eye-catching and amusing content whilst they are scrolling a page.

Be sure to include video content in your messaging mix. 2017 saw an increase in users sharing and viewing video content, adapt to user trends by posting video content.

Whether you are sharing a promotional advert, tutorial or something that feel may be of interest to your audience, ensure that your content is creative, relative and exciting so it does not get lost in the crowd.

Tip #3 Go LIVE

Make use of Facebook and Instagram’s ‘live’ video feeds. There is something very ‘real’ about logging on to a ‘live’ video feed. Audiences are enjoying a more a ‘real’ experience via social media through experiencing developments as and when they happen. Go ‘live’ at your next company event, invite followers to join you ‘live’ with an exciting announcement and ultimately take advantage of this great tool that appeals to the ‘FOMO’ in us all.

Tip #4 Join Hot Topics

Every day there are breaking news stories happening all over the world. Decide what topics are off limits for your brand and consider if commenting on a breaking story is the right for your company image as and when stories break. Engaging in the ‘latest news’ can increase your following as social media users scout their platforms for comment or ‘shared’ stories.

TIP #5 Partner with an Influencer/brand ambassador

Influencer marketing is a great way to build trust in your brand. Social media influencers naturally have an organic group of loyal followers. An influencer, whether they are part of the famed ‘Twitterati’, a successful blogger or TV personality, they have a following for a reason: People care about the things they say! Therefore, aligning your brand with influential people can do wonders for your image.