Discover how the power of PaySpace is driving innovation

PaySpace, the leader in payroll and human capital management software, is pleased to announce a one-of-a-kind POWER Conference 2020. A virtual event held from 6 to 8 July across three, two-hour morning sessions. The main goal of the conference is to bring PaySpace customers, partners and fans together.

Sandra Crous, Managing Director of PaySpace, says payroll has become more critical than ever as the world is experiencing the largest global crisis of our lifetime, with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting daily lives and organisations across the world. Many businesses and other organisations globally have been closed, and others have implemented ‘work from home’ policies, which has halted production, slowed sales, and delayed services across the board.

“Payroll, however, is one function that has had to step up, and its mission-critical role has become more apparent than ever. Employees still need to get paid, including essential medical staff, office workers, financial services employees and many more. The health of the global economy depends on it.”

According to her, the conference will ensure that delegates gain real-life considerations, realisations and powerful insights. “In addition, we will be making several exciting announcements during the event which should not be missed.”

Moreover, she says with PaySpace disrupting the payroll and HR landscape the mission is on to make sure the company delivers an amazing brand experience that creates powerful impressions for attendees. “We are thrilled to have several top experts, including Dawie Roodt, Heléne Vermaak, Rob Cooper, Dr Rutendo Hwindingwi and Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline, joining the event to ensure attendees gain real-life considerations, realisations, and powerful insights, based on decades of collective experience and knowledge.”

“With the PaySpace POWER Conference we aim to have deeper discussions about what’s new, what’s working, and importantly, what is not,” adds George Karageorgiades, Co-Founder of PaySpace. “We will also focus on what is next, and examine on how customers can continue to grow and thrive through relevant current challenges and future HCM software possibilities.”

In a world of ‘remote everything’, it has never been more crucial to support the changing needs of business and continue to deliver the best-in-class experiences our customers expect, continues Bruce van Wyk, Co-Founder of PaySpace. “With PaySpace as the trusted true cloud payroll and HR product, users have been able to work remotely and remain as productive as ever. The conference is about empowering customers by sharing the information on some of our latest innovations too.”

According to Warren van Wyk, Co-Founder and Architect at PaySpace, the company didn’t just want to simply build another payroll solution, it wanted to guarantee it built a robust cloud solution that is both modern and future proof, particularly when it comes to user mobility and the ability to easily integrate with an ever changing suite of third-party business applications that customers also rely on, such as Active Directory, Microsoft Teams, PowerBI, ERP Solutions and many more.

“PaySpace as a business and platform is constantly evolving and improving, and we’re leading with world-class innovation,” says Clyde van Wyk, Co-Founder and Architect at PaySpace. “We are delivering services, features and capabilities that enable customers to future-proof their payroll and HR, and our virtual event is the first step to showcase how the power of PaySpace is truly driving innovation.”

POWER Conference 2020 will be hosted using Microsoft Teams, so attendees can join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device. The process is simple. Once you have registered for free here, PaySpace will send you the Microsoft Live link to join the virtual conference in an email invite for each day separately. When it’s time to log in to the conference, click on the unique link in the invitation, and simply sit back, relax and enjoy the next two hours.

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