Leader in payroll and human capital management software, PaySpace, in association with the Global Payroll Association (GPA), is presenting a training course to help the association’s members understand how payroll works in South Africa, Mauritius, Kenya and Nigeria.

The course will be run by Chantal Butner, Head of Learning and Education, Adri Botha, Annalie Kok and Lerato Nthinya. With a collective 57 years of experience in payroll, virtual and classroom training, and innovative online learning, their audience has included customers, managers, colleagues, business partners and auditors.

Butner says the layout of the courses are all similar, because all bases need to be covered, in terms of payroll requirements in each region. “We begin by giving a thorough overview of each country in terms of the geographic location, currency it uses, the various languages, as well as some basic facts, and then we delve into country specific regulations that impact payroll.”

Following this, the course covers the specific regulations that govern working hours, overtime and public holidays. “We then examine how employees should be compensated when working overtime or on public holidays, and discuss the statutory leave that employees are entitled to. For each type of leave, clear explanations are included for the leave entitlement, accrual and when the leave may be taken.”

An overview of the statutory employee deductions and employer contributions impacting payroll is addressed. “It will also look at the calculation of these statutory deductions and contributions and the specifications of when an employee and or employer is required to contribute. The preferred employee tax calculation for each country is thoroughly investigated.”

They then take a look at particulars of the monthly statutory compliance, for each country, and the various submission dates and methods. An example would be the Monthly Employer Declaration (EMP201) we have in South Africa. “We end off the course by looking at statutory monthly reports for each country, and take attendees through the annual submissions that are required, tax certificates, statistical information and suchlike.”

Attendees will learn about annual and bi-annual tax reconciliation processes and timelines. Also skills development reports and timelines, occupational injuries, diseases reports and timelines, as well as employment equity reports and timelines for South-Africa payrolls. “Examples of all of these reports and plans will be given,” adds Butner.

The course is vendor agnostic, as the principles can be applied to any payroll software, and those who complete it, come out with a Payroll and Global Payroll Association Certification. “At the end of the day, the course helps to equip those who manage the payroll with the skills and knowledge needed to process their payroll successfully.”

The course will run from the 8th to the 10th of July 2020, from 9.00 am to 11.00 am BST and costs £350. For more information, and to register, click here.

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