Afri Ride an innovation of youth in tech

The youth, by their very nature, have always been the first to embrace the latest trends when it comes to technology. The youth can assimilate and intuitively know how to interact with technology through a seemingly fearless curiosity and sense of play That’s exactly the case with the creators behind the innovative ride-sharing app Afri […]

Afri Ride ready to bring smart and cashless mobility to the transport sector

Johannesburg, 18 May 2020: The world was not prepared for a pandemic nor the complete shift of lifestyle needed to flatten the curve of the Covid-19 infection rate. South Africa is no exception and the current lockdown limitations are also, unfortunately, placing strain on industries and households. The transport system is no exception to the […]

Afri Ride Takes Safety to Another Level

Johannesburg, 20 February 2020: For newly launched ride sharing platform, Afri Ride, security comes first. Requesting a ride from an app on your smartphone is just one of the many conveniences that ridesharing services bring in addition to safety. There’s no need to hail a cab, which is expensive, and there might not always be […]

Transport solutions for Africans, by Africans

Africa’s move into the urban age is not only making Africa the fastest urbanising region, but also turning cities such as Cairo and Lagos into the most overpopulated cities in the world. However, while urbanisation results in a rise in the general standard of living of citizens, cities too often fail to accommodate the hike […]

Solving Africa’s mobility challenges

Johannesburg, 13 November 2019: Burdened with insufficient access to safe and reliable public transport, as well as major conjestion in urban areas – Africa’s transport industry is beset on all sides by challenges. It is not just our public transport that is inefficient; the distances travelled by most citizens are too long due to poor […]