Measuring the Cost of True Cloud Payroll Solutions

Johannesburg, 18 August 2021: In South Africa, most companies are tech-enabled, with the vast majority using desktop applications to manage their payroll. However, many organisations are embracing cloud computing technologies due to the cost savings offered, and the speed and agility at which services can be procured.  So says Sandra Crous, Managing Director of PaySpace, a leader in payroll and […]

Mitigate risk by moving from CapEx to OpEx

With 2020 drawing to an end, it’s probably safe to say that we’ve all been reminded exactly how uncertain the future can be. Whether willingly or unwillingly, we’ve had to accept it is critical to mitigate risk, remain agile and flexible, and to preserve capital.  “Now is not the time to make large capital outlays, […]

PaySpace and Microsoft Azure partnership – going from strength to strength

Johannesburg, 26 November 2020: As a tech company and leader in payroll and HR software, PaySpace has always used Microsoft technology at its core for development and language. Microsoft speaks to Microsoft, which is why when it came to the cloud, Microsoft Azure was the logical and most compelling choice.  “Since we are no longer servicing […]


Customer experience (CX) is a key focus for firms’ marketing and product functions, but it is inherently challenging to track and map customer behaviour across user interfaces and through the choices those interfaces present. For firms seeking to achieve greater synchronicity between clients and service providers, new emerging technologies offer solutions, but managing the change […]


It’s hard to keep up with the latest technological innovation in the FinTech space. Cloud, APIs, Crypto, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Money Laundering (ML) are taking the FinTech world by storm. In fact, there are well over 7,000 marketing technologies, as evidenced in the Scott Brinker’s latest MarTech Landscape report Selecting the right technology stack for […]

Seven reasons not renew annual licence fees

All departments within businesses are transforming digitally, and Payroll and Human Resources Management is no different. In fact, this transformation is seeing payroll and HR solutions migrating more and more to cloud-based models. Cloud solutions deliver numerous advantages over traditional solutions that force users to depend traditional ways of data entry, while cloud is driving […]