New sanitation system in Narok will raise living standards for generations to come

Johannesburg (SA), 10 August 2021: Until late 2020, Narok had no sanitation system. The County had set aside a quarry near Narok town as a disposal area, but this was shut down in 2019 by the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) after the quarry got full and was spilling into the adjacent Enkare Narok River. However, this […]

How The Love Trust is shaping the resilient youth of tomorrow

Johannesburg, 15 June 2021: On Youth Day (which takes place on 16 June) we commemorate the youth of South Africa who in 1976 protested against inequality, injustice, and the right to a brighter future. Now nearly half a century later, there is still a lot of work to be done. With the help and efforts from organisations […]

The Love Trust’s strong track record is attractive for long term investors.

Johannesburg, 21 April 2021: The Love Trust’s outstanding track record as a reputable not-for-profit organisation (NPO) with highly skilled people at the helm makes it attractive to for-profit organisations as a long-term investment prospect. The Covid-19 pandemic and retracted economy have had a devastating effect on many of the over 220,000 registered NPOs in South Africa […]

Earn money while you drive to work

Johannesburg, 27 February 2020: With access to millions of drivers ready and waiting to take them wherever they need to go, passengers across the world have relished in the benefits of ridesharing. However, it’s not only passengers who can benefit from this peer to peer transaction but drivers too. “Drivers should capitalise on their car-seats […]

Transport solutions for Africans, by Africans

Africa’s move into the urban age is not only making Africa the fastest urbanising region, but also turning cities such as Cairo and Lagos into the most overpopulated cities in the world. However, while urbanisation results in a rise in the general standard of living of citizens, cities too often fail to accommodate the hike […]