Fidget less with our new widgets

Deezer debuts Songcatcher and Flow widgets just for iOS 14 Johannesburg, 19 October 2020: When it comes to music, sometimes there’s just no time to waste. You need your tunes served up quick and easy! So, take control of your homepage on your iOS 14 with our new handy widgets that keep the beats going. Starting today, […]

Closing the gap between you and your music

New gapless playback on Deezer HiFi eliminates noiseless breaks Johannesburg, June 30th 2020: Silence is for libraries, not your music. So, when those annoying pauses pop up in between tracks, consider it a thing of the past. Now, with our new gapless playback, Deezer HiFi fans won’t need to fast-forward or wait for the next […]

Deezer Music Tips and Tricks

Johannesburg, 17 June 2020; Global music streaming service Deezer has the following music tips and tricks for users to enjoy and make the most of their streaming experiences. 1. Go ahead and play DJ Whether you want to boost that bass or ramp down the sound frequency, we’ve got a range of custom options to […]

Keep upbeat with 3 months free Premium, HiFi, Family from Deezer

Johannesburg, June 1st, 2020: Whether you’re still at home or back in the office, music can help keep your spirits high. We want to help you stay upbeat this Winter, so we’re bringing back our special price offers for Deezer Premium, Family and HiFi*. Family and HiFi normally cost R89.99 every month, while Premium is […]

Stay at home with 3 months free HiFi and Family from Deezer

Johannesburg; April 2nd 2020: Right now, most of us are home with our families. Deezer wants to make sure you have the right tunes and content to pass the time. So, we’ve kicked off a new offer that lets you try Deezer Family and HiFi for free for 3 months*. Deezer Family lets up to […]

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