Exceeding the HR & payroll requirements of medium-sized businesses

During uncertain times, medium-sized businesses need HR and payroll solutions that address their shifting financial, operational, and compliance requirements. In addition, they need solutions that are flexible, tailored to their specific needs to help manage growing complexity, and scale to meet future growth. Clark Fourie, director and co-owner of XFour Solutions — HR & payroll implementation specialists, […]

Entangling Payroll, HR and the POPIA

1 July 2021 is a significant day for organisations in South Africa. This is the day when the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), will take full effect. Companies were granted more than a year to ensure compliance with the new legislation. Cutting out the legal lingo, what does this have to do with any payroll […]

Compliance: What is key over the next three months?

Although COVID-19 is not the first pandemic the world has faced over the last 100 years, its effects are unique due to increased globalisation and interconnectivity which have altered the way organisations in every country operate. And, unlike before, workers on an unprecedented scale are being sent to work from home, which has clear limitations […]