Find My Song: Deezer introduces search by lyrics

Johannesburg, 26 January 2021: Ever tried to search for a song but its name has escaped you? Maybe you only remember the chorus? Or a certain line that stands out? Not to worry, that’s all you need with Deezer’s new “search by lyrics” feature. If you can remember a few words, we’ll look up the specific […]

Deezer’s collaborative playlist feature arrives on Android

Johannesburg, 15 December 2020: Making your perfect playlist is fun, but it’s solo work. Sometimes, you need a bit of inspiration to curate your perfect mix. Our ‘Collaborative Playlist’ feature has come to Android devices. Now you can team up with your friends or family to co-create the perfect music mix. If you’re an Android […]

Deezer free users can sing-along on desktop

Johannesburg, 10 June 2020: We know you love singing along to your favourite songs. Since January 2020, we’ve seen a 33% rise in music fans using Deezer’s lyric feature worldwide. However, not everyone has had the full karaoke experience and we think you deserve the best – no matter what package you’re on. So, from […]

Deezer HiFi price drop

Johannesburg, May 12th 2020; What’s the best way to really appreciate a song? By hearing every single detail just like the artist wanted. We want to help more music fans than ever experience our library of 54 million tracks in perfect FLAC quality. So we’re lowering the price of our HiFi subscription to R89.99 from […]