Afri Ride ready to bring smart and cashless mobility to the transport sector

Johannesburg, 18 May 2020: The world was not prepared for a pandemic nor the complete shift of lifestyle needed to flatten the curve of the Covid-19 infection rate. South Africa is no exception and the current lockdown limitations are also, unfortunately, placing strain on industries and households. The transport system is no exception to the […]

How proactive safety creates a unified company

Everyone is familiar with the safety record board, a point of reference for how many days a site has gone without an accident. This board is the result of health & safety’s rising prominence since the early days of the industrial revolution. It symbolises how far we’ve come to ensure safe working conditions. Yet it […]

Afri Ride Takes Safety to Another Level

Johannesburg, 20 February 2020: For newly launched ride sharing platform, Afri Ride, security comes first. Requesting a ride from an app on your smartphone is just one of the many conveniences that ridesharing services bring in addition to safety. There’s no need to hail a cab, which is expensive, and there might not always be […]