How to Successfully Use Memes in Your Marketing Content

Making use of meme content in your social media marketing creates a sense of community, but it also increases the ability to engage as memes are shareable and relatable, and it allows people to connect through humour.  What makes memes great is how they can be used to create inside jokes with your audience. It […]

The Value of Marketing and Communications During the Pandemic

Since the start of the pandemic, businesses have had to think creatively and reconsider the way in which they promote themselves. The pandemic has brought on uncertainties that even big corporations didn’t foresee or prepare for.  During this time it is of utmost importance for businesses to ensure that they do everything in their power […]

What multinationals need to know about Africa’s top market trends

As markets mature and demand in commodities plateau more companies look towards emerging markets with growing GDPs to tap into to stimulate their sales and growth. Africa’s emerging economies offer multinationals exceptional growth potential as predictions indicate Africa will account for one-fifth of the world’s affluent or middle-class by the end of the decade and already boasts a staggering […]

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