Afri Ride an innovation of youth in tech

The youth, by their very nature, have always been the first to embrace the latest trends when it comes to technology. The youth can assimilate and intuitively know how to interact with technology through a seemingly fearless curiosity and sense of play That’s exactly the case with the creators behind the innovative ride-sharing app Afri […]

Why Managed Services in AV?

Many businesses might have an IT department but only very few have a dedicated AV (Audio Visual) resource available onsite. In most cases, the IT department becomes responsible for all the “technology”, be it dedicated IT related items or AV equipment. IT professionals are generally not well versed in AV and therefore tend to shy […]

Meeting the challenges of working from home

By Stefan Mayer, MD of Corporate AV Integration The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has seen all businesses, save essential services, asking their employees to work from home, in an effort to practise social distancing and lessen the impact of the virus. Remote working is effective on multiple levels. It ensures that employees are safe […]

Training as a strategy: Good for business

Skills development is crucial for South Africa’s future, and for creating a modern and agile company. Packsolve has made skills development one of its strategic pillars and launched the Packsolve Academy for all employees to take part in various training initiatives. Now in its third year, the Packsolve learnership programme has grown organically and become […]

Sustaining the growth of Audio-Visual Integration in South Africa

Technology touches almost every aspect of today’s world. It has changed the way we live our daily lives, the way we conduct business, and the way we communicate. However, many people are unaware that audio-visual integration (AVI) plays a major role in modern communication too, from the smallest meeting rooms and corporate boardrooms to the […]

The top reasons for pursuing a career in ICT

September 9th; Today’s world is a digital one, where technology touches every aspect of our business and personal lives. Information has become the currency of the new economy, and businesses are scrambling to find the digital skills they need to survive. This alone is making a career in ICT a compelling option for many school leavers, […]

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