Johannesburg, 20 February 2020: When it comes to cloud development, new technology is being launched every second. It’s a fast-changing game, aimed at making users’ lives simpler.

So says Clyde van Wyk, director at payroll and human capital management software company, PaySpace, adding that in order to keep up with user’s needs PaySpace rewrote its entire solution a few years ago. “We realised that cloud must be as flexible as possible. It needed to evolve to interface with as many endpoints or APIs as possible.

This is exactly what PaySpace did, says van Wyk, and based the rewrite on three pillars – integration, compliance and analytics.

In terms of integration, he says we live in an information age, so it is all about sharing information. “Web services integration makes it easy for both customers and developers to integrate PaySpace with a variety of third-party applications including existing on-premise solutions. With a complement of Rest Web services, it is easy for our customers to integrate with PaySpace the way they need it most.”

Other benefits of API integration include real-time transactional and master data integration, as well as the ability to track data transactions for audit purposes and reliable integrations. “In addition, customers can leverage existing skills such as Microsoft .NET or Java or any other development language that supports Rest-based Web services, and can manage Web service requests by using standard PaySpace authentication, authorisation and encryption. Finally, it offers comprehensive error handling that returns errors per employee request,” he explains.

The next major pillar, says van Wyk, is compliance. “In terms of compliance, this is something that PaySpace is able to achieve, and a core differentiator of our offering. It’s a key pillar that we offer, as our customers trust us to be 100% correct, 100% of the time, and we have to offer this accuracy in 40 countries across Africa.”

He says as part of PaySpace’s cloud evolution, it introduced a ‘black box’ test, so should there be a change to any legislation in a specific country, PaySpace can configure the new changes in a replicated live environment, and see how the change applies, before and after, and whether or not the results are in line with compliance. “It is a testing environment where our compliance department can see how functions will behave before they release them on the live environment.  This is something that players who aren’t true cloud, simply can’t do.”

The final pillar, is analytics. “If you’re not analysing your data in the cloud you’re missing the entire point of the cloud,” van Wyk says. “One thing that really sets PaySpace apart, is that we have all of our clients’ information in one data base.

He says by analysing all traffic coming in and out of PaySpace’s servers, the company can look for opportunities to scale further. “Ultimately, we are analysing clients’ data to improve processes. By using ITIL analysis tools, customers can draw data down to their own reporting tools, and use the information however they want, using Power BI, or similar.”

Customers are able to access to intuitive dashboards that allow them to slice and dice their data based on any field they choose in the system and the results are instant, helping them to gain insights from relevant data.

“And because our solution is cloud-based, they can have anywhere, any-time access to get the answers they need quickly, to discover hidden trends, gain meaningful insights and make discoveries that drive key people decision making.”


About PaySpace:

PaySpace is a true cloud-based HR and Payroll solution established in 2000. As one of the brands that fall under the Insight IT Group umbrella, PaySpace is the leader in online Payroll and HR solutions and services across Africa and abroad. With an integrated, real-time, SQL platform offering unified HR, payroll and Human Capital Management (HCM) across 40 African countries, PaySpace offers embedded analytics, manager and employee self-service, therefore, enabling businesses of all sizes to run a fully tax and legislative compliant, ISO/IEC certified, cloud-based people management solution.

PaySpace is the only HR and Payroll solution in Africa with International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) 27001 certification, a testament to PaySpace’s commitment to safe and secure protection of data. PaySpace was awarded 2019 Payroll Software Supplier of the Year at the Global Payroll Awards in addition to achieving the 2019 Top 25 HR Software Award via The Software Report.

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