By Stefan Mayer, Managing Director at Corporate AV Integration

The annual Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) event, the last one to be held in Amsterdam, once again saw the leaders in the AV and Signage Display industry showcase the latest technologies and advancements in the commercial and residential spheres that will set the trends for the year to come. Here’s a look at some of the trends highlighted at the event:

Digital Signage

Although unified communications is the segment with the largest growth rate, digital signage is predicted to be the area with the largest application rate by 2024. This seemed to be underscored by the number of next-generation LED and digital signage products hitting the market.


There are technological advancements in the meeting room space with more entry level projectors being sold with Laser light sources but projection companies are starting to feel the loss of business as large format LED screens are becoming cheaper. A 75” LED panel can now be had at the same cost as a projector and screen with no lamp life to worry about. Projectors are still great for bang for buck screen size in very large meeting rooms, auditoriums etc but LED video wall panels are becoming cheaper and more viable in these spaces.


Not surprisingly, AVoIP distribution continues to have an increasing impact on the industry as it allows customers to manage and control hundreds of their various AV products over a local network. They’re also incredibly easy to install and offer, among other things, nearly lossless 4K@60Hz, 4:4:4, HDR, HDCP 2.2 video, audio, and IR/RS232 control. The key advancement here is software and AV as a service. Crestron has announced that its AV over IP product NVX will be available as software to be installed on a generic PC with a monthly license fee.

Unified communications: From standalone tech and devices to software and services

A major buzz word at the event was interoperability between manufacturers with multiple solutions offering customers the ability to integrate various products with their own systems into the same network/ecosystem. These open-standard systems, according to Alex Parlour (Corporate and Education Marcomms Manager at Sony Professional Solutions Europe) would allow customers to build “more efficient, productive, and sustainable learning and working environments” by not limiting a customer’s choice in devices and making use of the customer’s existing devices (they don’t become obsolete). The key takeaway here is again software and AV as a service. Companies are buying cheaper more generic VC systems, which are software driven and they are buying more of them for smaller spaces. Clients need to communicate with a multitude of different people utilising different software applications; interoperability is key here.

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