Since the start of the pandemic, businesses have had to think creatively and reconsider the way in which they promote themselves. The pandemic has brought on uncertainties that even big corporations didn’t foresee or prepare for. 

During this time it is of utmost importance for businesses to ensure that they do everything in their power to keep their customers happy. When your customer is happy, they will stay with the business. Therefore, the value of marketing is now more important than ever. Through marketing your customers will see your brand’s values and what your business stands for. 

Show the values of your brand

When your marketing strategy is transparent and your values are clear to your customers, they will stay. Especially during the pandemic, consumers want to affiliate themselves with a brand that is aware of and is trying to improve the Covid-19 situation. By showing your clients how your brand is able to help the situation, they will more likely support you. This will ensure that you gain new customers but also keep the loyal clientele you already have. 

When your company is in line with the values of your customers, going forward, this will be easier for you. Brand values are extremely important considering the Cancel culture that is so prominent in today’s society. Once your brand has been cancelled, there is no turning back. The statement “any publicity is good publicity” is unfortunately not true in this situation. 

Social media marketing is your friend

Through using the right resources like social media and digital platforms, you can increase reach and awareness for your brand. Social media is not only a marketing tool, but an engaging platform to facilitate relationship building with your customers. These channels allow you to quickly respond to FAQ’s and customer queries. 

A study done by Impact showed that 39% of participants agreed that they were using social media more during the pandemic than before.  Therefore, marketing on digital platforms is now prominent. Not only does it allow for easy access to your organisation and put your name out there, you can maximise your impact in a cost effective manner too. 

It is also important to keep up with what your audience is interested in. Make sure to like and follow pages that they are already interested in to see that your brand is in line with what your customer’s support.

Keep up with the times

During the pandemic customers want to support companies that are on top of things. They want brands to inform them of new information regarding the Covid-19 virus and know how the company is working to uphold the safety of all by ways in which they are adjusting the customer experience in line with new rules and regulations. By implementing that into your customer experience and marketing strategy, you will keep your clientele safe and happy.  

To “keep up with the times” does not necessarily mean that you have to “hang with the cool kids”. It means that your customers expect you to know what is going on in society, whether it is supporting them during pride month, or protesting against racial and gender inequality. By doing so, your brand will create a hype for all of the good reasons. 

It is imperative that your messaging considers social impact and support for equality, diversity and  inclusion. 

This era is able to offer a myriad of marketing opportunities to brands, it depends on how your brand values them and how these opportunities are implemented in your marketing strategy.  One way to ensure that you do marketing the right way is through using the right platforms. And once you as a brand owner realise the impact that marketing has on your brand, or how valuable it is for your business during the pandemic, there is no stopping you from succeeding. 

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