Johannesburg, 18 March 2020: The Covid-19 outbreak has left the entire world on edge with the ease of contraction changing the way people work, live and interact.

According to Joe Moyo the managing director of Afri Ride, a ridesharing platform ; “People are being forced to minimize human contact as much as possible but this is not always feasible especially for sectors like transportation. The scary part about daily commune is that often, you are forced to travel with random strangers.”

Long haul air travel has been hard hit while daily commuting is a huge challenge given the increased exposure to more people increasing transmission and spread of the epidemic.

“To overcome this scourge requires a collective effort. Adherence to the health and hygiene guidelines set by the World Health Organisation is paramount and we have been punting this message to both our drivers offering rides and commuters looking for seats,” Moyo says.

While ridesharing apps offer ease of traceability and keeps account of traveller records, they do not eradicate risks.

“We need all hands-on deck and be our brother’s keeper. Let’s go beyond panicking and become activists in educating and monitoring those in our circles of the importance of good hygiene,” advises Moyo.

Here are five tips to minimize transmission for drivers and commuters

  1. Passengers should wash their hands before and after using public and private transport
  2. Drivers should frequently clean and disinfect surfaces touched by commuters especially handles and doors
  3. Public announcements and posters should be utilized to remind commuters of the WHO health precautions
  4. Drivers and commuters should catch sneezes and coughs in their elbow or in a tissue or handkerchief
  5. If a driver or commuter suspects they may be sick or been exposed to someone with Corona self- isolate and seek medical help


Joe Moyo, Afri Ride Managing Director

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