Xylem Express Speed Drive Booster set
Xylem Express Speed Drive Booster set

JOHANNESBURG, SA, (AUGUST 12, 2021) – The market has spoken, and Xylem Africa has listened! Our market leading Lowara GHV booster sets are now available to local customers from stock or manufactured in ≤ 2 weeks

To celebrate this new delivery capacity to the market, we have named the new products as Lowara eXpress Variable Speed Drive Booster Sets. e-SV pump booster sets with the new 5th generation Hydrovar® are now available with eXpress delivery

Since being launched in 2014, Lowara’s GHV boosters, now locally marketed at eXpress boosters, have been in high demand for the incredible value they deliver. The booster sets are fully automatic for water supply, water pressure increase and water transfer in apartment buildings, office buildings, hotels, public buildings, industrial industries, and other applications. The Lowara eXpress series operates in conjunction with the Xylem Hydrovar® pump controller, capable of delivering up to 70 per cent savings on energy bills

Our customers are responding enthusiastically to this incredible value, leading to immense demand across the African continent. To reduce delivery times, Xylem South Africa has invested in fabrication and assembly facilities in South Africa, reducing the waiting period of 8 weeks by more than 75%. Now, you can expect your eXpress booster order to arrive much faster: the units are available from stock or manufacture within weeks. Delivery times are agreed with our sales office at the time of order placement.

“Xylem’s Lowara eXpress boosters are a hit with our customers because they provide excellent value,” says Vinesan Govender, Xylem’s Engineering Manager for Africa. “Our customers are eager to unlock that value, so delays in deliveries won’t do. We expanded our local delivery capacity to bring the eXpress units faster to customers across the continent. Xylem Africa can now deliver eXpress boosters to customers in less than two weeks and continue to support installation and maintenance through our vast domestic presences and partner network.”

Xylem Africa established fabrication, assembly, and greater stock capacity in response to incredible demand for the Lowara eXpress series. We localised the assembly of 6 models of the eXpress booster sets, maximised locally sourced items, and now operate agile fabrication and assembly to supply Africa. The local facilities are based in South Africa and will ship across southern Africa.

The booster that delivers

Since 2014, Lowara’s GHV/eXpress booster series has been improving water performance in numerous different sites, including office towers, hotels, mines, public buildings, housing complexes, shopping centres, industrial plants, and agricultural applications.

The GHV/eXpress series is equipped with up to four e-SV vertical multistage pumps, each one fitted with a Hydrovar® HVL variable frequency drive, pressure transmitters and a control panel—all mounted on a frame for easy installation. This series is easy to program, designed for maximum energy efficiency and can communicate with a BMS system via Modbus or BACnet.

End-users benefit from a host of features, including dry run protection, low noise, small plant room footprints, no large pressure vessels, soft start, no hydraulic shock, auto changeover, fault history, protection against under/over voltage, and backflow protection through the use of a Cat 5 break tank type A/ B air gap. It has a timed delay fill mode which ensures the pumping system does not flood the building on start-up during a power failure due to the hydraulic surge.

Product Features

The Lowara GHV/eXpress series from Xylem can meet the exact flow and pressure requirements across various applications, and Xylem’s Hydrovar® intelligent pump controller helps our customers achieve significant cost savings.

Now this incredible value is available for delivery across Africa in vastly reduced times. Contact Xylem Africa or one of our partners to learn more about how Lowara’s eXpress boosters can save you money, deployed quickly to save your time as well.

About Xylem

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