Case study

Innocomm Communications and The Love Trust

Founded in 2009: The Love Trust is a NPO committed to delivering social care and quality Christian education to vulnerable children. Partnering with Innocomm Communications in 2020 has led to greater brand awareness resulting in higher donations.

How Innocomm stepped in

Their focus areas:

The Love Trust has two core focus areas; to deliver quality Christian education to pre-primary and primary school children at their Nokuphila School in Thembisa, Midrand. The second is to upskill black South African women to become accredited early childhood development teachers.

The task:

Simply put, The Love Trust needs to grow their brand footprint and reach a larger audience, in order to attract new donors and further the social services provided to the learners within their care.

The strategy:

Innocomm spent time getting to know and understand the brand's identity, putting into words the vital work that they do. They identified the need for the brand to be recognised as thought industry leaders, to gain trust within the education community.

Innocomm collaborated with individuals in the education sector to create and share valuable content about The Love Trust's achievements in the local community press and on community radio. Online, Innocomm has built up valuable content on The Love Trust website, including content creation for the Annual Report.


Although most brands suffered some form of fallout in 2020, it was a benchmark year for The Love Trust. They achieved a 61% increase in Sponsor a Child contributions which was remarkable considering the hard lockdowns in South Africa at the time. They also enjoyed a 70% increase in coverage over a six month period.

What's next:

Innocomm recently conducted a Reputation Survey on behalf of The Love Trust which will inform our strategy going forward, as well as, giving The Love Trust real-time feedback from all stakeholders.

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