Case study

Innocomm Communications and Three Sixty

Founded in 2022: Three Sixty is a coworking space, in the heart of Barking. Their focus is to bring an affordable space to those who find Central London expensive. They like to say that they have the vibe of Central London, at East London prices.

How Innocomm stepped in

Three Sixty Workrooms is a first of its kind coworking space for the Barking area in East London, UK. Designed specifically with the needs of people working in creative fields, the space offers opportunities for authentic individuals to come together, connect, create, and collaborate to grow their business.

The task:

Innocomm was tasked to develop a brand identity (from scratch) for the Three Sixty team. Our approach was tailored to the heart of our client, their vision and objectives for the coworking space. Our brand and identity development process included the creation of a messaging framework, strategic marketing plan and corporate identity. Following this, we project managed the development of the website, worked on a marketing plan and curated content for the launch of the social media and digital channels.

The strategy:

No strangers to the coworking industry, the Innocomm team dove straight to work with our client. Our strategy for building the brand identity and launching it to market included: Client workshops, Market research & customer profiling, Developing a messaging framework, Presenting a creative concept

Through our marketing strategy development we engineered an actionable plan with deadlines for deliverables. We collaborated with the Three Sixty team and our creative partners to bring to life a vibey and user friendly website. We crafted a messaging matrix to ensure all our communications content will speak to a golden thread of who, what, how and why Three Sixty Workrooms is unique and the ‘place to be’ for all creators living in the Barking area.


Developing a brand from scratch required us to dedicate a lot of time to getting to know our client very well. We took a business partner approach to communicate updates and requirements consistently throughout the process of each project. Over 8 weeks we delivered a messaging framework, a corporate identity, marketing strategy and launch social media content leading up to the opening of the space.

What's next:

The message of who Three Sixty Workrooms is and what they offer is online for the world to see. The foundation has been set with: The social media channels are up and running. Engaging content driving the audience back to the website. Three Sixty Workrooms has an actionable marketing plan. Three Sixty Workrooms is no longer a secret and is now easy to find. Now the sky's the limit.

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