5 Reasons Why AV Solutions Work Better as a Managed Service

Audiovisual (AV) solutions have always been part of any business, especially when it comes to conferencing and basically anything that has a display. Now, with the changes that offices have undergone due to the Covid-19 pandemic and everyone settling into what we used to call ‘the new normal’, AV is even more integral for most […]

Video Window- A Way to Battle Zoom Fatigue

Currently the corporate world is experiencing a mix of office bound employees and remote employees. It can be difficult, mentally, for some employees to get those personal interactions and water cooler chats when at home or working from another office. A survey done by Achievers in the UK have shown that at least a third […]

Boot the commute and cowork instead

People in the UK spend an average of 251 hours commuting a year. The South African numbers are most likely much higher. The current Covid 19 epidemic, due to health and safety reasons, has forced a state of emergency and therefore required people to work from home. Now that the epidemic is somewhat under control, […]

Visual Collaboration is the new buzz word!

A blog by Stefan Mayer, CEO Corporate AV Integration (PTY) Ltd Past are the days of Unified communication or Video conferencing; Today we have combined unified collaboration with video conferencing. Welcome to Visual Collaboration! As more people work in teams or learn in groups, their content and ways of working needs to be shared. Seeing […]

Why Managed Services in AV?

Many businesses might have an IT department but only very few have a dedicated AV (Audio Visual) resource available onsite. In most cases, the IT department becomes responsible for all the “technology”, be it dedicated IT related items or AV equipment. IT professionals are generally not well versed in AV and therefore tend to shy […]

Meeting the challenges of working from home

By Stefan Mayer, MD of Corporate AV Integration The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has seen all businesses, save essential services, asking their employees to work from home, in an effort to practise social distancing and lessen the impact of the virus. Remote working is effective on multiple levels. It ensures that employees are safe […]

The hottest trends from ISE 2020

By Stefan Mayer, Managing Director at Corporate AV Integration The annual Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) event, the last one to be held in Amsterdam, once again saw the leaders in the AV and Signage Display industry showcase the latest technologies and advancements in the commercial and residential spheres that will set the trends for the […]

Sustaining the growth of Audio-Visual Integration in South Africa

Technology touches almost every aspect of today’s world. It has changed the way we live our daily lives, the way we conduct business, and the way we communicate. However, many people are unaware that audio-visual integration (AVI) plays a major role in modern communication too, from the smallest meeting rooms and corporate boardrooms to the […]