Building a future through education and hard work

Starting as a cleaner, in less than a decade Nhlanhla Mbatha has become Production Supervisor at PackSolve Drums. He credits planning, focus and tenacity for his success, as well as the help and support he receives from co-workers, managers and PackSolve’s learning opportunities. PackSolve, a leading industrial packaging manufacturer, has made skills & education a […]

How proactive safety creates a unified company

Everyone is familiar with the safety record board, a point of reference for how many days a site has gone without an accident. This board is the result of health & safety’s rising prominence since the early days of the industrial revolution. It symbolises how far we’ve come to ensure safe working conditions. Yet it […]

Training as a strategy: Good for business

Skills development is crucial for South Africa’s future, and for creating a modern and agile company. Packsolve has made skills development one of its strategic pillars and launched the Packsolve Academy for all employees to take part in various training initiatives. Now in its third year, the Packsolve learnership programme has grown organically and become […]

How PackSolve Drums makes SA’s fruit juice industry more competitive

South Africa is a major fruit juice exporter, vastly outshipping other African markets. Transporting juice concentrate requires drums that are resilient, reusable and cost-effective. Traditional drums are poorly designed for this purpose. But PackSolve Drums’ solution is a breakthrough for the industry. PackSolve’s galvanised drums reduce transport and storage demands to a fifth and offer […]

Bridging the gender gap in engineering

Meet Yvette Mabelane, PackSolve’s Industrial Engineer who is transforming the industrial packaging leaders’ operations. After changing her university studies from labour relations, Mabelane discovered that she can apply her intelligence and people skills through industrial engineering. After years of experience in the mining equipment manufacturing industry, she wanted to expand her career and experience, she […]