How mines can create value with fire suppression

South Africa has a commendable record for mining safety. Mining accidents cost the lives of 11,000 workers between 1984 and 2005. Yet significant efforts have been made to change that rate, and, in 2019, the number fell to 51. Even though that is still 51 deaths too many, it demonstrates that the Mining sector and […]

Bigger throughlet sizes in wastewater pumps doesn’t reduce clogging

Johannesburg, 09 February 2021: As the old joke goes, what should you do if your hammer isn’t suitable for a job? Get a bigger hammer! When managing clogging in wastewater pumps, the ‘bigger is better’ mentality often holds sway. But it’s just draining money and reducing the pump’s performance. Bigger isn’t better Clogs are dangerous for […]

Max Kubwalo appointed as Xylem’s Metrology Sales Lead for Anglophone Africa

Xylem Africa is thrilled to announce that Max Kubwalo is joining its operations as Xylem’s Metrology Sales Lead for Anglophone Africa. Having started on 17 July 2020, Kubwalo is based in Cape Town and covers non-French speaking countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Kubwalo joins Xylem from Itron, where he established a stellar reputation among the utility […]

Setting the course for Diversity & Inclusion in Africa’s water industry

JOHANNESBURG, SA, (August 5th, 2020) – Xylem Africa is proud to share its Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) goals for 2020 and beyond. As we celebrate women in August, it’s a good time for individuals and companies to consider how they support and celebrate diversity in the workplace. This matter sits close to the spirit and […]

Good water management for profit and performance

Water is a vital and scarce resource. Many businesses, particularly in sectors such as manufacturing, mining and agriculture, use water as part of their core output processes. Practically every business relies on water to help maintain them, from flushing toilets to boiling kettles to cleaning services. Water is an inextricable business cost. Yet when it […]

Raising disinfection’s game with ozone

Ozone is an incredibly powerful disinfectant against numerous types of bacteria and other organisms. It is many times more effective than even chlorine, one of the most widely used chemical disinfectants. Chlorine and other chemical disinfectants have been popular for their price/performance ratio. However, ozone has proven to be a highly effective and useful alternative. […]

Xylem welcomes Leo Yao as its new Chief Strategy Officer

Xylem Water Solutions are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Leo Yao into the position of Chief Strategy Officer, based in Nairobi, Kenya. In this role, Leo will be responsible for driving business growth throughout Africa, establishing new opportunities with key market players. Leo brings a wealth of project experience into the Xylem team. […]