How will POPIA impact cloud providers?

While Covid-19 has seen organisations shift to cloud platforms overnight to help them remain operational while their workforces are operating remotely, too many are not up to speed with what this means in terms of their data. This is particularly true now that the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act is coming into play, says […]

Data so clean, you wish you’d worn shades

Is anybody listening to organisations as they struggle with data volumes, complexity and cost? Johannesburg, 15 June 2021; Data is still one of the organisation’s most valuable resources. It is also still a resource that remains largely untapped by most and it’s costing them money. Those 44 zettabytes of data that make up the current digital universe are […]

Accurate payroll data is critical for a smooth filing season

Annual filing season is now open for businesses, with the South African Revenue Service (SARS) giving organisations until the end of May to submit all their employees’ payroll and tax information. According to SARS: “The data that must be submitted to SARS from employers should cover the Monthly Employer Declarations submitted, payments made and Tax […]


Customer experience (CX) is a key focus for firms’ marketing and product functions, but it is inherently challenging to track and map customer behaviour across user interfaces and through the choices those interfaces present. For firms seeking to achieve greater synchronicity between clients and service providers, new emerging technologies offer solutions, but managing the change […]

Future proof your business with cloud payroll from PaySpace

Leader in payroll and human capital management software, PaySpace, has updated its software to help customers ‘future proof’ their businesses. Clyde van Wyk, a director at PaySpace, says all the enhancements and new features are innovative, and ideal for meeting the needs to today’s workforces, which have been largely working from home during the COVID-19 […]

Meeting the challenges of working from home

By Stefan Mayer, MD of Corporate AV Integration The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has seen all businesses, save essential services, asking their employees to work from home, in an effort to practise social distancing and lessen the impact of the virus. Remote working is effective on multiple levels. It ensures that employees are safe […]

Ten reasons why organisations are adopting cloud-based payroll & HR

Johannesburg, 10 February 2020: Cloud-based services are becoming ubiquitous across the full spectrum of business functions and applications. This growth is being fuelled by many factors, including gaining more flexibility in features, better compliance, and more control and cost compared to using an on-premise system – and nowhere is this more true, than with HR […]

Trends shaping the communications industry in 2020

By Jacqueline Boulos Mayer, Owner of Innocomm SA The art of communications is sharing the right information with the right people at the right time. This is key to growing any brand, building a good reputation, and having employees and customer who are engaged and enthusiastic. In the past, marketing communications grew mostly out of […]