New membership bolsters a solutions driven approach in the water and sanitation industry

Johannesburg, 26 January 2021: Megapipes Solutions Limited is now a member of the Plastic Pipes Manufacturers of Kenya. KEPPMA confirmed Megapipes membership via a certificate awarded to the company in January this year and will see Megapipes subscribe to the association’s code of ethics. KEPPMA ensures that plastic pipes in Kenya are manufactured to the right standards and specifications. They […]

Mitigate risk by moving from CapEx to OpEx

With 2020 drawing to an end, it’s probably safe to say that we’ve all been reminded exactly how uncertain the future can be. Whether willingly or unwillingly, we’ve had to accept it is critical to mitigate risk, remain agile and flexible, and to preserve capital.  “Now is not the time to make large capital outlays, […]

Alternative education solutions in a changing world

Johannesburg, 21 August 2019; Unemployment is a growing problem in South Africa, with recent figures from Stats SA, claiming the unemployment rate has increased to 29 percent in the second quarter of 2019, up from 27.6 in the period before.  “The youth are facing a crisis with regards to unemployment.” says Gary Bannatyne, MD and co-founder […]